Thursday, May 26, 2011


GameRanger -- The best online gaming client

I didn’t know what it meant two years ago and now it is the best source of entertainment and joy for me. I just decided to take a walk down the memory lane and recall how I came into contact with it. Here’s how it happened(or atleast how I remember it happening) :

  I was a big AoE(Age of Empires) fan from childhood itself. Somehow,  I lost all connections with it and then suddenly when I grow older, my friend(Rounak again) comes into the picture and offers me a disk, when I ask him what it is, he says it is a collection of AoE games. I become excited and install it in my system and stuff. I played it for a few weeks and then forgot about it but, later when I stumbled upon it again, I’d got bored of all the campaign and stuff and decided to play online. I was sure that such a great game like AoE must have an online community and I was not proven wrong. I asked the google god and found out that we can play AoE online using GameRanger.

That was how I first came into contact with GameRanger. I had many other online gaming clients like GameSpy, Garena and all but I liked GameRanger the most because of it’s simple layout.

   I remember my very first game on GameRanger, It was CBA of AoE. I was completely lost, I didn’t understand a bit and I led my team’s downfall and it resulted in me getting blocked by somebody called “Pink Panther”, trust me, I didn’t like it a bit.

Over the time, I went on making new friends and I loved it. Then, things happened and I’d lost in touch with GR and with it went all my friends too.

I came back to play on GameRanger many many times, many different games but I always had to leave it because of things. Here I am again, on GameRanger and this time it’s Warcraft 3 : The Frozen Throne, a game I thought would never run on my system. This time too I’ve been called noob many many times, been blocked by the most visible clan leaders but with enemies come friends(my very own dialogue..yaay :D).

Anyway, I just wanted to dedicate a post to GameRanger, something which has managed to entertain me a lot when all else failed. That’s it for now. Bye J

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