Monday, May 23, 2011

Eight Below -- The Movie

Eight Below : Touche!

This move is quite old but, it was only very recently that I had seen it fully and it sure did touch me like all other dog movies. I always loved sled-dogs, Husky’s. They look so cuddly and cute, I’d love to ruffle one. Anyways, the plot of the movie wasn’t so great but, the picturization(is there a word like this? Word says ‘No!’) was awesome. It was heart-rendering to see the dogs help each-other and their motto, like the US Navy SEALS, was  “Leave no dog behind”. The way the dogs brought birds to the injured dog and how the injured dog gave them back for everyone to share was so….you know…touching.

 Here’s the story(Extra Shortened) : The movie deals with a group of dogs which are left behind unwillingly by a group of researchers on a base in Antarctica, they were actually to be brought back on the next heli but, the worst storm in 20-something years happens and all heli’s were canceled. The owner of those dogs, feeling guilty, goes to many many people for help to bring back the dogs but, nobody helps him and he finally decides to go to Christ Church, New Zealand and get somebody to go there. A scientist, who’s life was saved by the dogs, decides to help him and they go back to base, encountering some difficulties but nothing extreme. They finally go back and find the dogs alive. That’s it, trust me, the story is lot more awesome than how I just made it sound. :D
See it if you can!!

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