Monday, May 23, 2011

DotA - My Favorite Hero(Lich)

 I decided to write a short post on my favorite DotA hero, Lich.

   My affiliation to Lich isn’t based on his insane spamming strength, high intelligence gain or something like that, it is purely co-incidental. I was searching for a DotA guide on the internet long before I’d even laid hands on an actual DotA game, the first hero that was mentioned there was Lich. After my first few games were pretty trash, I read a guide on Lich and decided to stick with him and it did work wonders. People call me noob very rarely if I ever use Lich. Reading that guide was the turning point, I was able to understand how Lich worked and what his strengths in the battle field were. His Frost Nova and Chain Frost were instant, insanely damaging skills and I even as a newbie could use them properly.

 However, for most DotA players, Lich is no fun because he is just a support hero. I mean, without good team-work, Lich is absolutely nothing. Most of you wouldn’t like playing with him because there is literally no chance to see “God-Like” or “Beyond God-like” beside your name during a game because Lich is just a support hero. He is great ganker but, only if you have a good team.

  Lich is my favorite hero for the time-being only. I have only played about 1 ½ weeks of DotA and haven’t used other heroes a lot and I am quite sure that as time passes, my preferences will change and with it, my favorite hero is going to change. The contenders as of now are – Lucifer, SF(Shadow Fiend) and Dwarven Sniper. Let’s see which hero gains the coveted title.

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