Monday, May 23, 2011

DotA - The last few days.

It’s been 2-3 days since I last posted anything in my DotA series so, in this post, I’ll hopefully manage to tell you what all has happened.

 Well, the last 3 days have indeed been rewardful, I have learnt many new things and started to think intelligently when making items and not just following the code. (Wtf, my mom just ruins the cycle by coming in and disturbing me.) Anyways, I managed to make mekansm almost 80% of the time in all the games that I’ve ever played but the problem is that I am not able to use it to it’s maximum potential which is because we have to repeatedly press the icon of it when we have to use it and most of the time, I just become absorbed in the battle and forget to use it which results in my team losing because of my fault. This is one area that I should work on.

   I’ve tried different ways of gameplay, in other words, I have experimented a bit(not too much because I’d be called a noob then). In a match, I started off by buying “Blades of Attack” which give me +9 damage, I thought I could use that bonus damage to get more last hits but, it wasn’t to be so. Then, in yet another match, I started of with Boots of Speed and upgraded to PhaseBoots as soon as possible but that delayed my Mekansm and my team lost. I guess I should just go on experimenting and soon I’ll find the way that works for me J.

  In the past few days, I have mostly stuck with Lich in fear of being called in noob in pubs but, I was researching other heroes and their abilities. In a game, Doom Bringer/Lucifer had won the game for their team single-handedly, I was impressed by it and decided to do bit of a research and then, realized that Doom Bringer is a carry who needs to farm for most of the game and is useful only in the later parts. So, I created a noob-only room and used Doom Bringer and…..I won my first game..wooohooo!!..The win wasn’t due to me, there was this “Libya” playing with a SandKing and it won the game for us. Thus, I tasted my first DotA win J.

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