Thursday, May 26, 2011

DotA -- Getting Addicted

DotA – I  think I am getting addicted L

Yeah, that’s right. I have this feeling that I am getting obsessed by DotA. To be honest, I’ve had lot of fun in playing it and it sort of captivated me but deep down, something tells me that the time has come that I remove myself from it before I succumb to it’s temptations which definitely cannot do any good to me. That was the reason why I uninstalled AoE from my system and maybe Warcraft itself might just suffer the same fate.

   I am actually writing this because, I want  to come on a decision. Whether I should uninstall it or not. My Logical mind says “Don’t do it, you will be removing  a major source of entertainment from yourself. Just think about the fun that you’re having. Don’t remove it.” While my intelligent mind says “Just do it. Don’t you remember the things you had promised me at the very start of Xth class? Let me tell you, you cannot fulfill those things if you are addicted to DotA!!.

  Well, I think I just reached on a conclusion. I am going to remove DotA but before I do so, I must find an alternate way to spend all my time if I can’t find one, DotA stays, I’m sorry but I can’t help it!

 Alternate ways to spend my time could be – spend some time learning the Piano, Get your guitar out again and try some things, watch T.V, sleep and waste time.

Okay, while I was writing these things, I came across a solution. I said I was getting addicted to DotA, right? If that’s the case, why delete Warcraft? Why don’t I just stop myself from playing DotA? If I don’t play DotA, I’ll mostly play normal games or campaign mode or dotA AI Map which all are very much less addictive and take a definite time, unlike DotA.

So, I guess I’ll just delete/Uninstall GameRanger from my system which will effectively stop me from playing DotA online. But, there is this one thing that bugs me. I just made so many friends on GR and uninstalling it means I won’t meet them again and next time(When I start playing DotA again, on a much better day) I’ll have to make those friends again L.

Anyways, this thing has managed to make me get to a decision. Bye Bye GR. Welcome Campaign J.

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