Thursday, May 19, 2011

DotA - 3

 I finally broke the Da Vinci Code today!!. As I had mentioned before, I was struggling to understand how I could combine 3 items to form a whole new item, that was forever kept to peace today.

  I played quite a lot of, I think 2 full-game and 2 half-games. I wanted to play on in those 3 games but the I kept getting disconnected, that sure did irritate me. The full-game was awesome, it was in that game that I had deciphered the code!. Most of my team-mates left and the other guy and me unlocked their stuff, I got like 3000 gold and was overjoyed to be honest, I’d never had so much gold before(I think the highest was 1800). I searched around a bit in the shops and finally found the recipe for “Medallion of Courage”, it wasn’t very expensive so I thought I’d fool around with the money. I bought all the ingredients and it worked wonders, they all magically transformed into a single object which gave so much more power!!. I had finally broken the code. I then turned on Mekansm and got that too. That’s when I say that my fellow partner was having 108 damage, I asked him which items he took, he said the items, I checked the shops and I was able to get them and increase my damage too. I was so…you know…I loved it when my damage was 68-75 +108!!!. That game however, I was switched(Why do they shift me always like a JOKER!!) and my team lost, partly due to me.

  Before I went to play the next game, I decided to do some research on what is best for Lich(My favorite hero, I am choosing him only whenever I play and he rocks!!) I found out that Mekansm is the best and that Medallion of Courage isn’t so bad either. I wanted to some more research but then it was 5 o’ clock and Dexter started so I went and watched it. After I came back, I played another game(Half one!!) and it made my day. I chose Lich again, mid again but, this time around I actually knew my game-plan for Lich! I was surprising a lot better at Farming and that helped me get Mekansm  much faster and I even got a hero-kill all by myself!!(Isn’t that awesome?). But then, it was 6:30 something and Mama switched off the internet and I got disconnected L . I would’ve loved to know how the game would progress but, I am happy to see that I am doing a lot-lot better than the previous games. Today, people called me new to game but not a “Noob”(YaaaY).

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