Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DotA - 2

Today was day four of this DotA series.

  Today was a lot better than the previous three days, I was called a noob/feeder only once which is quite good considering the times I’d been called so the previous three days. I did some research on Lich and it paid off quite well. I got to know the ‘cookie-cutter’ skill build that most people use and I implemented it and it paid of quite well. I managed to Max Out Frost Nova almost everytime and I was able to max out Dark Ritual once. I got my first hero kill today and felt ecstatic once I got it. I think that I’m doing a lot better than before but I do know that I’ve a hell lot to learn yet. I got killed by Ganks so many times that I lost count however, I managed to not be the noobest guy in the game, I saw to that someone did worse off than me ,lol. I succumbed to 2 vs 1 attacks, One of them would stun me and the other would be a real strong guy(Carry) who would just slaughter me. One other way was, there is this strong guy who would pull me to himself by a rope or something, it reminded me of Just Cause 2. I managed to kill Rohan once, poor guy, it was 3 vs 1 and he couldn’t do anything. I still think that I must work a lot on using my spells properly, I felt that I was not using Dark Ritual to it’s maximum potential and I did feel that I must use the Hot-Keys more often and speed up my gameplay, I was way too slow today and that caused deaths and added to that, tomorrow, I gotta decipher so as to how to build an item. I mean, how do I get the item I want?. The guides show the ingredients but none helped in how to build it!!

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