Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zombie Assault – My First game

My Very First Game :D

It was one of those days when I’d got bored of playing DotA and decided to play someother RPG. I found this room and joined it. I asked for a link to the map and I was given in nano-seconds. I quickly downloaded it and soon(in about 10 long minutes) we started. I was designated to become a medic and I accepted, I like support heroes anyway.

  The thing is, I’d played AoE custom maps too and in all Custom maps, the terrain is different and such but the units, the surroundings remained mostly the same. I was in for a shock. I joined the game and soon we started. I wasn’t used to a different loading screen than DotA but I just waited for the game to start. I was in for the shock of the month(:D). As soon as everyone had finished loading, the game started. I saw a helicopter crashing, I was like “wtf…where did the heli come from?”. Then, to be honest, I was blank for like then next 30 seconds. I didn’t know what to do but then I came to my sense and pressed the medic button. The helicopter went away and I was placed in the middle of nowhere, everything was dark and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t see any of my partners anywhere. I kept yelling in the chat-box but I didn’t get any useful replies. I then went and defended myself somewhere and radioed my position to the commander, he radioed back and told me to come somewhere. I at once started my journey there, it was pitch-black and I couldn’t see anything. My hero himself was just an inch tall.

  I was still in a state of shock and then, some carnivorous-plant-thingy attacks me and I defend back by killing it and to my surprise I find another attacking me and that I was stuck in quick-sand I think(that was the only reason I could think of for not being able to move!). I try to attack that plant and it says “Out of Ammo”…I was like “Wtf…get out your knife then”. But, no movement and I was soon killed. After I was killed, I moved my mouse over to my hero’s icon and it said “Receive at altar”. I started shouting in the chat-box but nobody told me where the altar was and then boom…everyone’s dead and the host(something) remakes the room.

That would make a good…anyways, that game was the starting of my friendship to a few people on GR and I’m glad I played that.


GameRanger -- The best online gaming client

I didn’t know what it meant two years ago and now it is the best source of entertainment and joy for me. I just decided to take a walk down the memory lane and recall how I came into contact with it. Here’s how it happened(or atleast how I remember it happening) :

  I was a big AoE(Age of Empires) fan from childhood itself. Somehow,  I lost all connections with it and then suddenly when I grow older, my friend(Rounak again) comes into the picture and offers me a disk, when I ask him what it is, he says it is a collection of AoE games. I become excited and install it in my system and stuff. I played it for a few weeks and then forgot about it but, later when I stumbled upon it again, I’d got bored of all the campaign and stuff and decided to play online. I was sure that such a great game like AoE must have an online community and I was not proven wrong. I asked the google god and found out that we can play AoE online using GameRanger.

That was how I first came into contact with GameRanger. I had many other online gaming clients like GameSpy, Garena and all but I liked GameRanger the most because of it’s simple layout.

   I remember my very first game on GameRanger, It was CBA of AoE. I was completely lost, I didn’t understand a bit and I led my team’s downfall and it resulted in me getting blocked by somebody called “Pink Panther”, trust me, I didn’t like it a bit.

Over the time, I went on making new friends and I loved it. Then, things happened and I’d lost in touch with GR and with it went all my friends too.

I came back to play on GameRanger many many times, many different games but I always had to leave it because of things. Here I am again, on GameRanger and this time it’s Warcraft 3 : The Frozen Throne, a game I thought would never run on my system. This time too I’ve been called noob many many times, been blocked by the most visible clan leaders but with enemies come friends(my very own dialogue..yaay :D).

Anyway, I just wanted to dedicate a post to GameRanger, something which has managed to entertain me a lot when all else failed. That’s it for now. Bye J

Legion TD – A Warcraft 3 custom map.

As you know, I had stopped playing DotA but after completing my science CW, I wanted to play Warcraft 3 and get some load off but I didn’t play DotA, instead I stumbled upon this custom map for dota called Legion TD.

 I played quite a few custom maps before like – Assault Commando, Dragon Ball Z…and 2 or 3 more. I was getting bored and it didn’t look like DotA was going to help me so I started searching for custom-map rooms. These rooms are very hard to find on GameRanger but by luck I chanced upon this room. It said Legion TD. Now, TD here means Tower Defense. I used to play a few of these back in AoE conquerors and I had lot of fun. I remember playing Team TD and 21 kings TD and I sure as hell liked those games a lot. They were about building towers but it wasn’t just that, it was a lot more.

 Hence, because of that TD factor, I joined this room, downloaded the map. In my first game, I literally couldn’t build anything. I assumed towers meant, actual towers. But in Legion TD, towers meant units.
I didn’t get the idea the first time but second time around, I understood it. In the second game, I couldn’t get the placing right. In the third game however, I got most of it right but my team-mate was one pain in the ***. He kept calling me noob and when I asked him why, he tells me to ***k off. I was so seriously pissed of at him but, I kept my cool :D. Anyways, next game, I was introduced to a totally new concept. Incomer. It was 3 vs 2 and I was in 3 people team. In the other team, one just concentrated on farming while the other built awesome units and all the units that had leaked would get stopped at the king. It worked for them and we lost. In the following game however, we still played the same thinking that the other strategy was totally wrong, it shouldn’t have worked. We played and played until one of my team-mates called me a noob and left the game…(yup, the same guy as before). However, when he left, I asked my other team-mate(SaphiR) if I should shift to farming, he said yes and I shifted. Farming was quite fun to be honest. I thought it’d be boring but it was not. I built like 22 villagers and concentrated totally on farming. Bought some Krakens and got my income to touch 300 while Saphir looked after the defense. We cheated death once and I saw to that it didn’t happen again by going on increasing our king’s HP, attack points and hp regeneration speed. It was so cool to be honest and I loved it.

  However, my internet then got disconnected(Argh…How I hate it when it happens!!) and I had to leave. By the way, that game is still going on. They 2 vs SaphiR. They’ve been playing since the last one hour, I wonder in which level they’d be now!!

I am surely going to play this game again!!

(PS: The game just finished and I contaced SaphiR, he said that he'd lost and when I asked till which level they'd gone, they said 28(That's awesome!!)

DotA -- Getting Addicted

DotA – I  think I am getting addicted L

Yeah, that’s right. I have this feeling that I am getting obsessed by DotA. To be honest, I’ve had lot of fun in playing it and it sort of captivated me but deep down, something tells me that the time has come that I remove myself from it before I succumb to it’s temptations which definitely cannot do any good to me. That was the reason why I uninstalled AoE from my system and maybe Warcraft itself might just suffer the same fate.

   I am actually writing this because, I want  to come on a decision. Whether I should uninstall it or not. My Logical mind says “Don’t do it, you will be removing  a major source of entertainment from yourself. Just think about the fun that you’re having. Don’t remove it.” While my intelligent mind says “Just do it. Don’t you remember the things you had promised me at the very start of Xth class? Let me tell you, you cannot fulfill those things if you are addicted to DotA!!.

  Well, I think I just reached on a conclusion. I am going to remove DotA but before I do so, I must find an alternate way to spend all my time if I can’t find one, DotA stays, I’m sorry but I can’t help it!

 Alternate ways to spend my time could be – spend some time learning the Piano, Get your guitar out again and try some things, watch T.V, sleep and waste time.

Okay, while I was writing these things, I came across a solution. I said I was getting addicted to DotA, right? If that’s the case, why delete Warcraft? Why don’t I just stop myself from playing DotA? If I don’t play DotA, I’ll mostly play normal games or campaign mode or dotA AI Map which all are very much less addictive and take a definite time, unlike DotA.

So, I guess I’ll just delete/Uninstall GameRanger from my system which will effectively stop me from playing DotA online. But, there is this one thing that bugs me. I just made so many friends on GR and uninstalling it means I won’t meet them again and next time(When I start playing DotA again, on a much better day) I’ll have to make those friends again L.

Anyways, this thing has managed to make me get to a decision. Bye Bye GR. Welcome Campaign J.

True Education – Swami Vivekananda

“Education is the manifestation of Perfection already in Man”

“We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.”

“What we want are Western Science coupled with the Vedanta, Brahmacharya as the guiding motto, and also Shraddha and faith in ones own self.

These 3 quotations are in my room so I thought that I’ll just write something on them because I am almost out of ideas to write on.
“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in Man” – This quote says that man is already perfect, it is just that he has forgotten to bring it to life. Education thus, helps in regaining this perfection, it sort of wakes it up.

“We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.”—This quote is self-explanatory and I do not find any reason to expand it.

“What we want are Western Science coupled with the Vedanta, Brahmacharya as the guiding motto, and also Shraddha and faith in one’s own self” – Let me start off by telling you that this quotation might have a grammatical mistake. At the very start, I feel like “are” mustn’t be used, instead of it, “is” must be used. I don’t know why, everytime I read it, my thought goes to that. Anyways, keeping that aside…The quotation is self-explanatory again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Ps1 games -- Memories (Part 2)

My Ps1 Games – Memories (Part 2)

Here is the continuation if it. Enjoy J

Rainbow Six : Lone Wolf – I remember playing it just once when I’d first got my Ps1, It was just way too hard and I used to get killed so many times that I left it. Then, once my Ps3 came and I got hooked to Resistance : The Fall of Man, I become aware of FPS games. I then, took this game out and started playing and this time around, I was so much more cautious and learn from my mistakes, not making them again. Graphics aren’t great but they’re good for a Ps1 game and I didn’t spend weeks on this game but it sure did engulf few of my hours though. I then got stuck at a level and left it. I’ll sure play it again though J.

The Legend of the Dragoon : My uncle spent 14$ on this game but he didn’t know that I didn’t exactly like RPG’s(It’s changed with the entry of Warcraft though). This was a four-cd game and the absence of a memory card made me leave it alone. It was deemed to be the game of the year…definitely not for me though. J

Duke Nukem : Time to Kill – A good game but not the one that I was a great fan of. Duke Nukem was unknown to me and remained so :P. I just didn’t play this one.

StarWars – Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace :: I wasn’t a big Star Wars fan but, I sure had watched one movie but it failed to mesmerize me. I played this game very rarely, mostly due to the absence of a memory card. I did play it a few times though and I sure did enjoy it J.

The King of Fighters : It was another game like Tekken. But, since I already had Tekken I hardly ever  touched this game but, I sure did play it a few times with my bro’s. Just another game in my collection.

Spiderman 2 : This was a good game but, due to the absence of a memory card, I couldn’t play it much. I did enjoy playing this game though partly because of the story and partly because I was a big Spidy fan, having watched every movie of his. A great game which I started playing again on my Ps3.

Grand Theft Auto : A pioneer of it’s genre but failed to arouse any interest in me. I didn’t exactly like this game because of it’s top view. I played it a few times but never really enjoyed it.

Crossword Crisis : To be honest, I don’t even remember how this game looked like. I might have played it just once(literally!) in my entire Ps1 gaming life.

Tekken : I reserved this for the last, there was, is and never will be anyother game that can beat the joy I had in playing this. Multi-player with awesome fighters made this game an awesome one!! I remember playing countless rounds with my bro’s and the curses I yelled at them for cheating!! :D I will remember this game fondly. The best shot that I remember is one in which…Lee runs from the distance at full-speed keeps a leg on the chest of his opponent, jumps high in the air and Bang! Comes back with full force. That was the awesomest shot in Tekken, I still don’t know how that was done because I never did it, only my cousin did. One another trick I remember was one which I myself used. The hero was Lei, the drunkard, we named him so because he acted like a drunk guy…… know..never in control of himself. The shot was like this, I would feign as if I had fallen down and lay flat on the ground and when the opponent came, I would jump and hit him and he’d fall and then, I’d repeat the whole cycle yet again. Everyone used to curse me… :D. LoL…Tekken rocked…Definitely the most enjoyable game for Ps1.

That’s it for now…I’ll come back with the Ps3 game list too J.

Bye Bye.

A line from our English Workbook goes like this --

A line from our English workbook goes like this “Laughter is all about playfulness. Have you ever wondered why children laugh 300 to 400 times a day whereas adults would  consider themselves fortunate if they manage to laugh 10 to 15 times a day.”
That line is the reason behind me writing this. Anyways, the fact that children laugh 300 to 400 times a day was according to me, idiotic. There is no way that anyone could laugh so much.

Here’s why :
A day has 24 hours, which in turn equals 24x60 min = 1440 min. So, the expert said that we laugh somewhere around 300-400 times a day. Let’s take 400 times.
So, in 1440 min, we laugh 400 times. If we divide 1440 by 400, we get 3.6. So, what it means is that we laugh atleast once every 3.6 min which in turn equals 200-something seconds.

 Laughing every 3.6 min is quite feasible but I still have my trump card left. We used a time-limit of 24 hours but, we forgot to use our common-sense. Can we laugh while we’re asleep?. Hell no! Yep, you got it. Out of those 24 hours, 8 hours of sleep(for children) must be removed. That leaves us with 16 hours. We all know that children have small hands and they eat very fussily so..let’s keep a full hour for eating. You are forbidden to laugh while eating because you might choke TO DEATH!(:D). Anyway, that leaves us with 15 hours. Now, let’s do the calculation again.

15 hours = 15x60 min = 900 min. That’s almost 500 min shaved off our previous calculation. Anyway, we laugh 400 times in 900 min, so if we divide 900 by 400, we get 2.25 min. So, it means that we laugh once every 2.5 min. That too might just work but I still have another trump card(no scarcity of them eh? :D).

 The text didn’t mention the nationality of the child, it implies that the child can be of any nation and that the rule applies to them too. So, let’s take a Hyderabadi kid.

Let me be more specific, let’s choose a Hyderabadi kid who goes to Sri Chaitanya or Narayana. Their school is 9 hours(can be 12 too, but let’s be fair and take 9). The school people are very “kanjuus” so they give only 2 hour break. That leaves us with 7 hours of periods. Well, in those 7 hours, somebody or the other, the faculty I mean will be present right? And, we all have gone through our school-life, will any teacher stand a child who keeps on laughing every 2.5 min(according to our calculation)? Definitely not. So, we have to cut another 7 hours from the total hours from our previous calculation. That leaves us with 8 hours. Here’s the next calculation.

8 hours = 8x60 min= 480 min. So, we laugh 400 times in 480 minutes. On dividing 480 by 400, we get 1.2 minutes. So, what this calculation suggests is that we laugh every 1.2 min. Now, don’t tell me ki that is possible. You know, I know, it’s not possible unless that kid is hysteric.

So the bottom line is, that it is impossible to laugh 400 times a day.

Vola!! I just proved what I said :D …..another expert comment gone down the drain. Yaaay. :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

Eight Below -- The Movie

Eight Below : Touche!

This move is quite old but, it was only very recently that I had seen it fully and it sure did touch me like all other dog movies. I always loved sled-dogs, Husky’s. They look so cuddly and cute, I’d love to ruffle one. Anyways, the plot of the movie wasn’t so great but, the picturization(is there a word like this? Word says ‘No!’) was awesome. It was heart-rendering to see the dogs help each-other and their motto, like the US Navy SEALS, was  “Leave no dog behind”. The way the dogs brought birds to the injured dog and how the injured dog gave them back for everyone to share was so….you know…touching.

 Here’s the story(Extra Shortened) : The movie deals with a group of dogs which are left behind unwillingly by a group of researchers on a base in Antarctica, they were actually to be brought back on the next heli but, the worst storm in 20-something years happens and all heli’s were canceled. The owner of those dogs, feeling guilty, goes to many many people for help to bring back the dogs but, nobody helps him and he finally decides to go to Christ Church, New Zealand and get somebody to go there. A scientist, who’s life was saved by the dogs, decides to help him and they go back to base, encountering some difficulties but nothing extreme. They finally go back and find the dogs alive. That’s it, trust me, the story is lot more awesome than how I just made it sound. :D
See it if you can!!

My Ps1 games -- Memories (Part 1)

 I will mention all the Ps1 games that I’ve owned till today and write a few words on each of them.

Road Rash 3d : This was my staple diet for gaming when I was a kid, I’ve played it on both, the PC as well as on the Ps1. The PC version was fun but the Ps1 version rocked. In road rash 3d, we have to complete a series of games in order to gain enough money to upgrade/buy a newer bike. Whenever I used to play this game, the T.V would be mine for 2-4 hours. I would not leave it until I’d managed to upgrade my bike to a level 2. How I wish I had a memory card, I could’ve finished this game then but…still, Road Rash 3d accounted for a lot of my gaming time.

NBA Shootout 2000 : My uncle being a NBA fan, buying this game for the Ps1 didn’t seem weird. I personally didn’t love Basketball and hence didn’t play this game much when I first got my Ps1 but, when I grew a bit older, the other games failed to amuse me and I played this game on my Ps3(Ps1 games can be played on a Ps3!!). This game was responsible for me getting to know how actually basketball is played, I learn everything about time-outs, three-pointers, slam dunk and such. It was responsible for planting a seed of basketball in me. It hasn’t sprouted yet :D

Driver : When I look back and take a look at this game, I laugh at how I and my uncle(yeah, he too) were complete idiots!! When the game started, we were in this underground parking room without any task what so ever. We tried almost everything, literally, EVERYTHING!! But, we still could not get an idea on how to move on. Infact, on my uncle’s advice, I literally banged through every inch of the wall present in hopes that one of it could break and I could go out in the open world! Not being able to get out of that  parking space was my first experience of being held a prisoner(I am not kidding!!). After hours of trying, my uncle said “It’s a great game, try later and find a way out.” I like, made myself promise myself that I’d somehow find a way out. 4-6 years later, when I had my Ps3, I inserted this disc into my Ps3 hoping that I’d be able to fulfill my promise and vola! I was like, shocked to see how easy it was. We had to complete a set of stunts so as to gain a license for driving in the outer world. I was like stunned, I still do not know why we didn’t get the idea then. However, once I managed to break the Da Vinci code and get out in the open world, the game lost it’s taste and I didn’t play it much.

Racing : To be honest, I doubt it if I ever played this game even 3 times in my whole life. It was crap and a total waste of money.

Tennis : This was quite a good game, I remember playing it with my cousin bro and my bro many times. It wasn’t awesome but it sure was a good way to while my time away.

Bowling : This again was a bit like NBA Shoot-out. It made me aware of all the types of games in bowling and actually made me realize that it was quite a good game. I remember the ecstatic feelings I felt when I managed to get a “STRIKE!!” :D

Those were my first 6 games, I’ll post the rest later. J

The Lost Symbol -- Noetic Science.

I just finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown for the second time. No matter how many times I read it, I get this feeling that I must read it again in order to understand the true meaning hidden inside it. The first time I read it was in a train(during my trip to Kashmir), I had started reading it and was completely hooked to it that I sat for like 3-4 hours at a time and finished it in a couple of sittings. It was just awesome but, I again read it because I wanted to make a not e of all the new words that I do not know the meaning of.  Anyways, I am writing this post to mention a few things regarding  the base of the novel, Noetic Science.

Noetic Science, it is the thing on which the whole book is based on. Peter Solomon’s sister, Katherine Solomon works on this and has managed to make breakthroughs which can change the way human’s see the world. Noetic Science is nothing but mixing Ancient Mysticim with science. A chapter in a book states that we are just re-discovering what our ancestors discovered. It states that, every thing that modern physics states now was already known by our ancestors and stored in the text, we’ve just forgotten. In the book, Katherine Solomon states that she was actually able to weigh the human soul. She tells that every thought has mass, miniscule but mass nonetheless. She states a hypothetical theory that every thought has mass, so if many people have that same thought, the thoughts might add up and actually be capable to affect things in the physical environment. It reminded me of “The Secret”. Well, the book states that Noetic Science can drastically change the world as we know it and I get this feeling that it actually can. The book managed to hook me on to noetic science so much that I actually googled it.

Well, if you haven’t read The Lost Symbol, you should, It’s a complete thriller!!!

DotA - My Favorite Hero(Lich)

 I decided to write a short post on my favorite DotA hero, Lich.

   My affiliation to Lich isn’t based on his insane spamming strength, high intelligence gain or something like that, it is purely co-incidental. I was searching for a DotA guide on the internet long before I’d even laid hands on an actual DotA game, the first hero that was mentioned there was Lich. After my first few games were pretty trash, I read a guide on Lich and decided to stick with him and it did work wonders. People call me noob very rarely if I ever use Lich. Reading that guide was the turning point, I was able to understand how Lich worked and what his strengths in the battle field were. His Frost Nova and Chain Frost were instant, insanely damaging skills and I even as a newbie could use them properly.

 However, for most DotA players, Lich is no fun because he is just a support hero. I mean, without good team-work, Lich is absolutely nothing. Most of you wouldn’t like playing with him because there is literally no chance to see “God-Like” or “Beyond God-like” beside your name during a game because Lich is just a support hero. He is great ganker but, only if you have a good team.

  Lich is my favorite hero for the time-being only. I have only played about 1 ½ weeks of DotA and haven’t used other heroes a lot and I am quite sure that as time passes, my preferences will change and with it, my favorite hero is going to change. The contenders as of now are – Lucifer, SF(Shadow Fiend) and Dwarven Sniper. Let’s see which hero gains the coveted title.

DotA - The last few days.

It’s been 2-3 days since I last posted anything in my DotA series so, in this post, I’ll hopefully manage to tell you what all has happened.

 Well, the last 3 days have indeed been rewardful, I have learnt many new things and started to think intelligently when making items and not just following the code. (Wtf, my mom just ruins the cycle by coming in and disturbing me.) Anyways, I managed to make mekansm almost 80% of the time in all the games that I’ve ever played but the problem is that I am not able to use it to it’s maximum potential which is because we have to repeatedly press the icon of it when we have to use it and most of the time, I just become absorbed in the battle and forget to use it which results in my team losing because of my fault. This is one area that I should work on.

   I’ve tried different ways of gameplay, in other words, I have experimented a bit(not too much because I’d be called a noob then). In a match, I started off by buying “Blades of Attack” which give me +9 damage, I thought I could use that bonus damage to get more last hits but, it wasn’t to be so. Then, in yet another match, I started of with Boots of Speed and upgraded to PhaseBoots as soon as possible but that delayed my Mekansm and my team lost. I guess I should just go on experimenting and soon I’ll find the way that works for me J.

  In the past few days, I have mostly stuck with Lich in fear of being called in noob in pubs but, I was researching other heroes and their abilities. In a game, Doom Bringer/Lucifer had won the game for their team single-handedly, I was impressed by it and decided to do bit of a research and then, realized that Doom Bringer is a carry who needs to farm for most of the game and is useful only in the later parts. So, I created a noob-only room and used Doom Bringer and…..I won my first game..wooohooo!!..The win wasn’t due to me, there was this “Libya” playing with a SandKing and it won the game for us. Thus, I tasted my first DotA win J.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

DotA - 3

 I finally broke the Da Vinci Code today!!. As I had mentioned before, I was struggling to understand how I could combine 3 items to form a whole new item, that was forever kept to peace today.

  I played quite a lot of, I think 2 full-game and 2 half-games. I wanted to play on in those 3 games but the I kept getting disconnected, that sure did irritate me. The full-game was awesome, it was in that game that I had deciphered the code!. Most of my team-mates left and the other guy and me unlocked their stuff, I got like 3000 gold and was overjoyed to be honest, I’d never had so much gold before(I think the highest was 1800). I searched around a bit in the shops and finally found the recipe for “Medallion of Courage”, it wasn’t very expensive so I thought I’d fool around with the money. I bought all the ingredients and it worked wonders, they all magically transformed into a single object which gave so much more power!!. I had finally broken the code. I then turned on Mekansm and got that too. That’s when I say that my fellow partner was having 108 damage, I asked him which items he took, he said the items, I checked the shops and I was able to get them and increase my damage too. I was so…you know…I loved it when my damage was 68-75 +108!!!. That game however, I was switched(Why do they shift me always like a JOKER!!) and my team lost, partly due to me.

  Before I went to play the next game, I decided to do some research on what is best for Lich(My favorite hero, I am choosing him only whenever I play and he rocks!!) I found out that Mekansm is the best and that Medallion of Courage isn’t so bad either. I wanted to some more research but then it was 5 o’ clock and Dexter started so I went and watched it. After I came back, I played another game(Half one!!) and it made my day. I chose Lich again, mid again but, this time around I actually knew my game-plan for Lich! I was surprising a lot better at Farming and that helped me get Mekansm  much faster and I even got a hero-kill all by myself!!(Isn’t that awesome?). But then, it was 6:30 something and Mama switched off the internet and I got disconnected L . I would’ve loved to know how the game would progress but, I am happy to see that I am doing a lot-lot better than the previous games. Today, people called me new to game but not a “Noob”(YaaaY).

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DotA - 2

Today was day four of this DotA series.

  Today was a lot better than the previous three days, I was called a noob/feeder only once which is quite good considering the times I’d been called so the previous three days. I did some research on Lich and it paid off quite well. I got to know the ‘cookie-cutter’ skill build that most people use and I implemented it and it paid of quite well. I managed to Max Out Frost Nova almost everytime and I was able to max out Dark Ritual once. I got my first hero kill today and felt ecstatic once I got it. I think that I’m doing a lot better than before but I do know that I’ve a hell lot to learn yet. I got killed by Ganks so many times that I lost count however, I managed to not be the noobest guy in the game, I saw to that someone did worse off than me ,lol. I succumbed to 2 vs 1 attacks, One of them would stun me and the other would be a real strong guy(Carry) who would just slaughter me. One other way was, there is this strong guy who would pull me to himself by a rope or something, it reminded me of Just Cause 2. I managed to kill Rohan once, poor guy, it was 3 vs 1 and he couldn’t do anything. I still think that I must work a lot on using my spells properly, I felt that I was not using Dark Ritual to it’s maximum potential and I did feel that I must use the Hot-Keys more often and speed up my gameplay, I was way too slow today and that caused deaths and added to that, tomorrow, I gotta decipher so as to how to build an item. I mean, how do I get the item I want?. The guides show the ingredients but none helped in how to build it!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Warcraft – The Frozen Throne (DotA)

I recently downloaded this game and decided to start writing on my experiences playing it’s hit custom-map, DotA(Defense of the Ancients).

Where it all started?
  Rounak, a friend of mine told me that a new gaming centre opened near his house. Though I had long left gaming, it still held a special place inside me so I kept on bugging him with questions. He said that he got introduced to this place by a friend of his and then he spent the next 5 minutes telling me about him. Apparently, he had just finished his Xth and was going to join college in a few months. Once he joined college, he would have absolutely no time at all to enjoy so, his parents apparently gave him permission to enjoy himself. He decided to do so by playing 5 hours a day for 3 full-weeks at this gaming centre. I was amazed, I could finish the Resistance : Fall of Man campaign like 10 times in that period. Out of curiosity, I asked him what he played. Rounak replied “He plays a game like Age Of Empires called Tota”(I had mistaken this name for TotA, I later got to know that it is infact DotA.) Something told me that he was talking about Warcraft but then, he said specifically DotA so I was confused but then, some days later, we went to this place and when I saw what they were playing, I knew it at once WARCRAFT! I still didn’t understand what DotA meant though.

How I got an interest in it
   I felt like I was getting addicted to Age of Empires : Conquerors so I deleted it from my system. I then, downloaded games like “Westward” and all such Big Fish games. I was still bored so I ran a search for WarCraft, I got to know that it would run on my system, I was ecstatic. It was the one game that I’d always wanted to play(Here’s the weird part, I remember playing Warcraft when I was small the problem is, I can’t remember on which system and why I stopped).
    The file size was around 1 Gb but thankfully the month(May,2011) had just started so my internet speed was at it’s optimum. I downloaded it within two days and installed it.

First Day
  I tried to play DotA on Game Ranger but almost everytime, I was kicked. I was speechless, I didn’t know what I was doing and then, in an conversation with my savior, I realized that Warcraft was no Age of Empires. I had to download the DotA map manually in order to play it. I tried to download it that day but I clicked cancel just seconds before it downloaded completely.

Second Day
I got frustrated and decided to postpone it for the next day. The next day came and I managed to play my first game and seriously, I was never called a Noob more times than my entire time in AoE. Everyone was like “You Suck”, “Stop FEEDING you NOOB” and blah blah blah. But, I was adamant. Warcraft people always make me look like a fool. I chose some hero and I died quite a lot of times and then, somebody told me to use the glitch for that hero. They told me to press Alt + Q continuosly. I was suspicious, so I pressed it once the exit menu came up. I quickly clicked resume and typed “HaHa You almost got me”. The guy replied “What? I don’t understand”. I was fooled by his innocent acting, I thought he really must be telling the truth and pressed Alt+q twice and it was too late before I realized that I was made into a bakra!!. Alt+Q in Warcraft is nothing but Alt+F4 in Windows. I was like “TOOT you mate.”

I’ll get straight to the point, I decided to write all of my Warcraft 3 DotA experiences on this blog as a memory…..