Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ireland Vs England ( What I saw in the match)

Ireland Batting at 113-5
Ireland were 113-5 when I switched on the TV and tuned to Star Sports. It was just then that my cousin asked me if Ireland have any chance of winning this match. I laughed at him for even thinking about that, I told him that England would win this by a huge margin. I kept on watching the match hoping that I would see a few wickets fall.

Kevin O' Brien Walks In
Then this guy called “Kevin O’ Brien” comes up to bat, he hammers a few fours and a six. He instantly changes my attitude towards this match, I then tell my cousin that Ireland will come close but will lose. It was just then that O’ Brien hammered Swann for a six over mid-wicket, I was like wow. Then, two balls after that six, Swann again challenges him to try that shot again possibly thinking that the first one was a fluke, but Kevin takes it head on and smashes it, carbon-copying the first one. This one however, goes a bit flat and while the ball was traveling, I was like “Damn it, he is out now” and then when the ball lands behind the line “WooHoo!, serves you right Swann”. He then goes on and on, smashing every bowler for a six or a four in every single over he faces.

Alex Cusack and his wicket
   The two batsmen at the crease were Kevin O’ Brien and Alex Cusack. I liked Alex because he was batting sensibly, seeing that Kevin was on a rampage, he tried to give him the strike. But mid-way, I felt that he was batting too slowly and wasn’t aggressive enough and that’s when he bullets one through cover for four and I was like “Just what Ireland wants from you Cusack!”. He doesn’t stop there, he goes on smashing two fours straight, in the same over if I remember right. All good things must come to an end, lol. Kevin is on strike, James Anderson(I think, no it was Stuart Broad) bowls a good length ball and he nudges it, he attempts a single but realizes that there isn’t one, he sends Alex back , Alex turns back and runs, he even attempts a dive but in vain, Broad dislodges the stumps before he is in. That’s it, Cusack was out, I was like “Damn, just when things were going all right for Ireland, Cusack’s out :/.”

John Mooney walks in
   A break comes in the TV after a long-long time. I wonder who will come on next and hope that he is a batsman. A guy walks up to the pitch, the TV shows his stats, I was relieved to see that he scored some 2 fifties or something so he must know something about batting and I was relieved that Ireland still stand a chance. The batsman’s name was John Mooney(Lol, reminded me of money :p). It didn’t last long though, he struggled at the crease and wasn’t quite successful in giving Kevin the strike. What happened was, in his first over he played 3 dot balls and the next ball Kevin faces, he runs a single giving Mooney the strike. He again repeats the same thing, plays 2-3 dot balls and then gives the strike to Kevin for the last 2 balls, Kevin runs a single and again gives Mooney the strike. This happens for the next two overs too. I was literally cursing Mooney since he wasn’t rotating the strike and also Kevin for again giving Mooney the strike. Mooney was 8 from 14 balls, James Anderson’s bowling the last ball of the over, Mooney attempts a shot or something but it touches the outer edges and goes for a four. I was relieved to finally see some runs on the board. This again happens for the next 3 overs, the last ball’s a four by fluke but who cares as long as the runs pile up. James Anderson bowls a short ball, Mooney moves to his right and plays a superb shot for one bounce four. The TV showed Strauss’s face, I can’t explain it even though I felt the same way. Mooney then goes on with his new found aggressiveness and bullets one through covers, I was literally bowing to him then.

Kevin's out!
    Mooney’s 28 of 28 balls, Kevin’s 113 of 63 balls, Kevin nudges a ball and runs a single and then attempts a second run but Prior was just too quick for him and he’s run out. I was like “T***, Kevin’s out” but then we(Yeah, I became Irish then) needed 12 of 12 ( I think, not quite sure) so, I was relieved since even I could score it with a bit of luck.

Pen-Ultimate Over
   Then, this guy called Trent Johnston comes up, he smashes a low full-toss for a four. I jumped with joy, then, he gives a single to Mooney, Mooney then smashes another for a four and Ireland won the match. I let off imaginary fireworks and was happy for Ireland. I instantly go and update my facebook status. I was so so pleased(No better word came into my mind) with Ireland’s performance.

Err....This post might have many inconsistencies but you can't expect me to remember what exactly happened after 8 hours of sound sleep do you? :P

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