Monday, October 25, 2010

Sporting News - 2

Well, this is sporting news-2.I will go over all the recent sport news in most of the games I follow

    Firstly,  India has won the recent One day Series 1-0 against the Aussies with the 3rd ODI being washed away due to rain. I think that India has won the series due to 3 players ,namely Raina,Kohli and Yuvraj, they guided India to an impressive win over Australia in the second ODI which eventually decided who was to take home the series.All of these 3 guys played real good cricket,especially Kohli who made 108 runs.
  In other news,

     Roger Federer won his 64th ATP Title, equalling Pete Sampras's record.

   Now, its time for bad news, Cherukuri Lenin, the Indian coach for archery died in a ghastly car accident in Ibrahimpatnam ,Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.He, due to not wearing his seat belt, died on the spot due to a head injury.Eyewitnesses say, it was over in a matter of seconds.With him in the car were, some two people of which one had won a medal in the recently concluded CWG Games.They did not suffer many injuries.Let us learn something from this incident, whenever you or someone is driving a car make sure that you have safely strapped your seat belt.

    Now, Formula one....Fernando Alonso took the podium in the Korean Grand Prix.He turned his 11 point deficit into 14 point lead.This race as many say, was a nightmare to Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber since both of them failed to garner a single point for their teas.Jenson Button too did badly by finishing 12th.This race was marred by various factors like rain and others.It was a quite good day for Force India though , Viantianno Liuzzi placed 6th earning precious 8 points for the team, however the team's other driver, Adrian Sutil finished 16th.Force India had come into this race with better upgraades, they wanted to make this race memorable and for once they atleast managed to do it partially.

  In other news, Wayne Rooney was all set to quit Manchester United but last minute negotiations with his manager resulted in him signing a new 5 year old contract with Manchester United till 2015.Everyone was expecting him to be thrown away by Sir Alex Ferguson but he was lucky to escape his wrath.Sir Alex Ferguson previously did not show remorse in selling his star players to other teams and at many a time was successful but this was not the case this time.Rooney has survived that's all the Red Devil's fans would be happy about.They both looked quite happy upon signing the contract so look's like everything's history(atleast for now :P)

 Well, that's it for today since I have a lot of work(sigh....never ending homeworks) So, see you next week same day,same time.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gaming - Part 2

Let me finish my promise of Gaming Part - 2.
    I got a second Gen Ps1 around 2000 I think, gifted to me by my uncle.I had many cd's most of them Greatest Hits but the problem was that I didn't own a memory card which meant that I could not save my in-game progress.I used to play Road Rash for a long time(Around 4 hours) but not being able to save the progress broke my heart.I lost interest in that game.You know, playing for 4 hours only to be not able to save your progress is not really nice.I used to play these on weekends only, gaming on weekdays was a strict no-no.I and my siblings used to play Tekken 3 and used to have lots of fun killing each other :P.But then, it was a bit boring not to be able to save the progress we'd made.I still own this console and never ever plan to get rid of it coz It implanted the seeds of gamin' in me.

  On January 16th 2006, I received a PS3 as a gift from my uncle.Back then, I was a kid so my uncle didn't let me use it much with the fear of me spoiling it.He said that I could only play it when he was home.He used to live in Bangalore I think, so he used to come home not so frequently.I got to play the ps3 like 10 days a year.And then, wiring the ps3 to the TV was a great headache, the TV was not a flat screen one, it was those olden day's fat TV.I had the move it all the way and then fix the cables which was a bit difficult for me back then.
It was in 2009, that two of my friends came over to my house for the first time, and the fact that I owned a ps3 was unkown to them.I had to keep them entertained over a small flash word game on my PC.I now realise how bored they must have been back then.The next day when I told them I owned a ps3 they were like, What the...Why didn't you open it yesterday? They couldn't believe the fact that I completely forgot about it.
Due to this incident I gained a bit of an interest in my PS3.I had this game called Resistance and Ridge Racer.Both of them were simple Awesome, I couldn't resist the chance of playing them.I was quite big enough so my Uncle let me transfer the ps3 downstairs and keep the wirings myself.Then I started gaming regularly on weekends.Resistance and Ridge Racer took up around 100 hours of my life.I used to game,game  and game.But then, when I got stuck on a particular level I soon lost interest.
 Then I received an adaptor which let me play the campaign using 2 players and then I started the co-op campaign from start and finished levels with some help of my cousing bro.Then too, I used to play on weekends only, I then ordered killzone 2 and then after its arrival I became on of those gaming whores.It's multiplayer was so addictive that I set aside 2 hours each day to play it.However then our exams started and it was kept away for good.Now that exams are over I ordered yet another game called Resistance 2 which is the sequel of the above mentioned game (The fall of man).I also forgot to mention that my uncle also gifted me an 23' Samsung HDTV(The only reason for the ps3 being in my room at the moment).

  In conclusion, I would like to say that I had great fun in thinking and writing this post.Thanks to this post I recollected those memories and smiled :D.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lack of Posts

  last few days have been very busy for me.....I was racing against the clock to do all my Homeworks on the last day of holidays which were given to us to do over a period of 12 days....and I also expect the next few days also to be the same, so I think the next post will come on Saturday.......

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sporting News

Well, today let me go over the recent sporting news.
   Firstly, I would like to tell you all proudly that the CWG games at Delhi have been held peacefully without any major incident and almost all the athletes were please with the facilities available at the games village.Like before, when a developing nation holds any major sporting event, its so-called friends, the developed nations criticize it.A complete deja-vu of what happened in South Africa before it held the Fifa World Cup happened in India before the CWG Games.Nevertheless, both these nations proved to the world that a developing nation too can hold a major event like a developed nation can.

  India came a record second in this edition of the CWG Games with a tally of 101 medals , narrowly edging out England by 1 gold medal.Thanks to ace shuttler Saina Nehwal for winning the women's badminton gold.Moreover India bettered its previous gold tally of 30 golds with 7 more golds being added in this edition.The Indian Contingent proved its mettle this time by doing well in almost all the categories it took part in except swimming.India won its first track medal after a drought of 51 years with a bronze coming in Discus Throwing.I guess I should stop now since there's other news as well :P .

   Indians whitewashed the Aussies  with a 2-0 victory in a 2 test match series.Both these tests were closely fought battles with Laxman's match saving 70 being the  in the first test and Sachin's 6th double century in the second test.Ricky Ponting's captaincy was again questioned by critics, with Shane Warne in the front. Ponting now has the dubious record of being the only second Australian captain to lose 5 tests in a row.He has also the record of being the only Australian captain to lost the Ashes to England twice.True, he has been dealing with a hard squad but in my opinion Michael Clarke must be made captain to let Ponting concentrate more on his batting.
   In other cricketing news, Grant Flower returned to Internation cricket for Zimbabwe after a gap of 6 years.Now 39, Flower had resigned 6 years ago following a spat with the country's cricketing board.

      In Hockey, India lost 8-0 to the Australians, so the Aussies have something to cheer about atleast now.The mood of these two nations was clearly described by a facebook status -> "*Breaking News* India has changed its national sport from hockey to Cricket after losing 8-0 in hockey to the Australians, while the Australia has changed its national sport from Cricket to Hockey after losing 2-0 to India"
I know that it isn't true but I felt that it was something worth sharing.

  In other News, in Wrestling(WWE) ...John Cena is now officially a member of Nexus.(Shocked? Sure you are) Keep waiting for more news.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gaming - Part 1

  Today, let me tell you all about a hobby of mine, gaming. It always was something I used to do in my leisure time(read 'times when I was extremely bored'). It was not until 2009 that I started gaming regularly.

      I own(ed) two gaming consoles -> a PSOne and a PS3.Both of them were gifted to me by my Uncle(Love ya uncle! :D). I also game on my PC. Let me tell you about my experiences with each of these systems.

PC ->
    Well, this was responsible for sowing the seeds of gaming in me. It was also using this that I played my first video game ever(Wait a second. I probably played on those dabba T.V video games before probably). I used to play time-less classics like 'Dave' , 'Mario', 'Wolfenstein' etc.. I still fondly remember how I used to stay put at the pc for hours together just to complete a level in a 'wolfenstein' J.Those days, games like these were the best. 

I still very fondly remember how I used to play Wolfenstein’s single player campaign with my brother. While he used the keyboard to move the character, I used the mouse to aim and shoot. Our formidable team was way too hard for the computer to defeat so we emerged victorious almost always :). 

I also used to play this game called " Cricket 97 ".The graphics in that cricket game were terrible when compared to today’s "Cricket 09" but let me tell you. If I had to choose between those two games, I’d choose cricket ’97. Never mind the graphics, the memories I hold with that game are just priceless and no way that I’m going to let go of them.

    PC gaming for me suffered its first setback when this computer guy comes up to my house to repair one of my computers and ends up wiping the hard drive which contained all the games I ever played. From then on, Adarsh feels like wrenching the neck of every computer-repair guy who comes. Nevertheless, I again got back to gaming with the PC soon. However, I sort of lost interest in it until I downloaded GTA : Liberty City. This was a co-incidence. I thought I was downloading GTA San Andreas(At some 1.5 GB ahem ahem.) After downloading, it turned out to be GTA 3. I then started gaming again, only to stop later due to extreme boredom. It went on like this until one of my friends gave me GTA San Andreas. Like before, I again started gaming only to stop later, again due to extreme boredom. 

Somewhere in between, I even played a game called IGI. Aah those days.

  PC gaming for me suffered its second major setback when my dad scolded me for playing on my laptop, stating that it might get spoiled(I knew perfectly that gaming doesn’t spoil PC’s, my dad didn’t). I then left pc gaming for one or two years, only to be attracted to it again by Age of Empires online multiplayer. I had like *some awesome adjective here* entertainment playing this awesome game online but then, my exams had started so I eventually had to leave it aside. After the exams were over, I realized that I had a ps3 and left pc gaming completely. It was also due to another reason which was that my laptop had grown old and could no longer support the newer games. Boo!

  Gaming on the PC has brought about a lot of change in me. Age of Empires made me realize my love for history(something which still persists). Also, deploying strategies in this game resulted in me realising that brute-force isn't everything. Strategy and intelligence also has a place in everything we do!
For me, the PC sowed the seeds of gaming. The GTA series watered it and then Age of Empires provided enough sunlight for it to grow beyond the realms of the PC and enter into the world of PlayStation.

 That’s it for Part part 2 I will write more about my experiences with my PlayStation console’s and then, a fitting end.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Amazing Race : Asia -> Episode 4

 Amazing Race : Asia is a T.V reality show which deals with 10 teams of 2 contestants each who have some relation with each other beforehand.These teams compete with each other to complete a series of tasks which will eventually lead them to a pit stop.Whichever team comes last may/may not be eliminated.
   I am now going to list the teams of Amazing Race:Asia(Season 4)
-> Ethan & Khaire
-> Manas & Sahil
-> Alan & Wendy
-> Jess & Lani
-> Sunaina & Dimple
-> Hussein & Natasha
-> Michelle & Claire
-> Ivan & Hilda
-> Richard & Richard

   In this week's episode, the following happened -
    All the teams are currently in Colombo,Srilanka.Their first task was to take a train to travel to Galle, Srilanka which is more than 150 km South of Colombo.Even though Sunaina & Dimple were the first ones to depart at 5:02 AM , everyone reaches Galle at the same time since they catch the same train.The next  clue they find at the Galle railway station gives them a choice between "fast-forward" or the "normal task".If the teams chose the fast forward task then they just have to do one stop and then they can make their way to the next pit stop and finish that leg of the race.Only Richard & Richard go for the Fast forward while the rest opt for the normal tasks.Richard & Richard make their way to a barber's shop and their task is to get their heads shaved the old way.They easily do it and then while they make their way to the next pit stop, two police-men on a motorbike stop their cab and ask them for their passport and Visa.When they show their documents, the police then bids them farewell.They were the first team to arrive at the pit stop.

  Meanwhile, the task of the other teams was that they had to make their way to a beach and had to unlock a chest by setting the lock's combination to the year Srilanka change its name from 'Ceylon' to 'Srilanka'.Wendy and Alan were the first to do this task and their next task was to go to a place where some festival was going on, they had to go to a vendor, take a picture of a mask and match it with a person who is wearing it in the nearby locality.Unfortunately, without realising,Wendy & Alan take a bus which stops on all stops while the other's take an express bus.This resulted in they coming last in the next task, even after the one's who took the longest amount of time to do a previous task.Sunaina & Dimple completed this task the first and their next task was to go to a local dialog service centre and from similar looking mobiles in a container, they had to search for a mobile which had a message in its inbox saying "Congratulations,Correct".Once they found such a mobile, they received their next clue and had to choose between "Language task" in which they had to learn what some things are called in the Srilankan language with the help of a kid and then recite them correctly to a teacher (or) they could also do this task where they had to go from one coconut tree to another with the help of two ropes.Alan & Wendy messed up here also by switching tasks twice.All the remaining teams except Alan & Wendy and Sahil & Manas reached the pit stop.After Manas & Sahil finished their task, they faced another problem which was 'Shortage of Cash' they did not have enough money to pay the auto.They started pleading the locals for money, when an auto driver said that he was willing to take them to their destination in the money they had.However, their troubles didn't end there.Their auto broke down mid-way and they had to again search for an auto, this time they found an auto which was willing to take them for free.They finally reached the pit stop and were informed that they were the pen-ultimate team to arrive.Alan & Wendy came last for the second successive time and they were eliminated :(

That's it for this week, visit next week, same time to get more news :)

Story of Robert Peary's 96 year-old Feat


On 2nd April, 1909 , a man called Robert Peary accomplished his ultimate ambition of his life, which was to reach the North Pole.He and his team comprising of Matthew Henson and 4 Inuit are said to have reached the pole in 37 days.They managed to travel 414 miles in just 37 days to reach the North Pole.However, back in the U.S.A many people refused to acknowledge Peary's feat stating that reaching the pole in 37 days is next to impossible and the only way in which Peary could have done it was by faking his daily speeds and positions.This argument got further fuel when Peary left his last reliable witness a good 133 miles before the pole.He actually did this because he wanted his best man(Henson) to be with him since he is a good dog sledger.But his critics refused to accept this reason and said that Peary is a liar.

  A good 96 years later, a person named Tom Avery who has already gone to the south pole on foot decides to recreate Peary's journey to the north pole by using similar equipment used by him to prove to the world that Peary could have reached the pole in the days he managed to reach it(which was 37 days).

On March 19th,2005 , after two years of meticulous planning Tom Avery along with his team of 5 people Matty,George ,Andrew and Hug and himself with 2 sleds and 16 eskimo dogs set out on an epic journey to reach the north pole in the way the original polar pioneers did.

  The book "To the end of the Earth" written by Tom Avery, describes each and every detail about this amazing journey that his team made.Avery in this book describes the events which happened on each day in detail and at times so effectively that the reader is completely mesmerized with it and finds himself in their shoes without even knowing the transition.This book includes details on how actually Tom Avery managed to reach the North pole, with the Prologue and Epilogue as well.

   This book(unlike any other book that I have read in a long time) managed to imprint an impression on me which I am sure will last for a lifetime.Moreover, this book has made me read it till an hour past midnight for 3 consecutive days hardly in touch with the material world.

  This book also throws light over the 96 year old mystery about Robert Peary being the first man to reach the North Pole.As Gilbert Grosvenor, the president of the national geographic society says " Their thirty-seven day dash to the North Pole has wiped out ninety-six years of doubt about Peary's feat".

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Story of the Chilean Miners

On  August 5th,2010, 33 miners were trapped in a mine due to a wall collapse in San Jose,Chile. All of them were feared dead since, incidents like this have a knack of ending on the wrong side. Rescue workers started searching for signs of life almost immediately but a fresh collapse on August 7th forced them to temporarily suspend work. Then, on August 9th, the Chilean president appealed to Peru,USA and Canada to provide them the technology(if any) and expertise required to help rescue the trapped miners. NASA took the baton and willingly gave them the technical expertise they needed.

The first break-through came a full 17 days after the collapse through relentless work from the Chilean rescue team as well as NASA. It was 'hope' that kept them going. On August, 22nd, they finished drilling a hole to the closest miner's chamber more than 2000 feet below the earth's crust. All of the 33 miners were alive and the world rejoiced. It was almost a miracle because these 33 miners managed to survive 17 days!! on food meant for 48 hours and a pint of water.

 Though the world rejoiced, the rescue team was still at full steam. They knew that they still had to rescue them. Through the 2000ft long hole that they'd drilled, they started sending emergency supplies to them. It took the rescue team 7 days, to plan the rescue mission. Finally, on the 30th of August, the rescue team started preliminary work to free the miners. A 31 ton drill bore a 'pilot hole' through 50 feet of solid rock. Later, the drill was fitted with larger bits in an attempt to expand the hole.
  Initial reports suggested that the rescue mission would take atleast 6 months. This one bit of news was conveniently hidden from the miners and I second that decision. Spending 6 months underground with tons and tons of rock over your head that can fall anytime isn't exactly a nice thought to have.

 The whole of September was spent on creating, devising and executing plans to rescue the miners.

The first 11 days of October too passed in similar fashion until.....

October 12th.
The rescuers started the final phase of the operation. The very last stage. An escape capsule named "Fenix" was sent to the miner's chamber through the hole that was drilled. The capsule was sent down to the miner's chamber and one-by-one the miners started coming up from the clutches of the 'underworld'. All of the 33 miners came up in the next 22 hours and once the last miner was out, very much alive and kicking, the whole world erupted in joy and tears happy that one of their kind had been saved. That's pure humanity and even I felt a tingle of joy in my heart when I saw that moment.

   To me, this rescue attempt looked similar to the one in India, when some boy called 'prince' fell into an empty borewell and then there was this big rescue attempt by the army to bring him back to the surface.However, the rescue attempt in Chile was far more 'sophisticated' than the Indian and one and far more lives were at stake.

   Some Americans contrasted it with the Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, stating that the American government must learn something from this rescue attempt, how the Chileans have shown the world what leadership and crisis management is all about.

   However, personally I was simply amazed by this story. I admire the resilience,courage,determination and presence of mind these miners have shown.I can hardly think of being trapped for a day without access to anything leave alone 2 months.I find myself agreeing with one miner who had said " I have been with God and Devil".