Thursday, November 4, 2010

Story - Epilogue ( Part 1 )

This is a Fictional, Alternate Reality story written by me.

Starting here ->
" Fine, I'll tell you everything from the start but just unchain me, I'm one of you, not one of them!" I said.
"I don't care whose side you are, my soldiers found you on their mission in the newede's island, you were found with never heard before weapons and some papers with some crazy symbols.With our enemies on the offensive, we have no other choice but to be real careful about everything suspicious." said Major Zaskov.
"God dammit, I look suspicious to you?, can't you see? I am a human!" I said.
"Of course you are a human but the weapons found on you make everything look suspicious.I have the right to keep you under arrest for an indefinite time.So, listen and listen good, I am not going to leave you until you tell us your story."said Zaskov.
I gazed around the room for a few minutes, scanning each and everything.The room looked like some sort of a research centre.The room was dark with only a single door and a exhaust vent exactly on the roof opposite to me.There was also only a single fluoroscent bulb in the whole room which was between me and the General.There were four other soldiers in the room, out of whom two stood by me and two by the General apparently if I do some mischief.I then thoughtfully said "What information you need from me is something you most probably won't believe, it is classified in simple terms.So, I suggest you to send away these soldiers and get your best men in because I will tell my story only once and I think it to be important for you all to listen to it.'
The general then signals his men to go outside and says 'Send for Will,Mark,Emma and Chris'.In the following few minutes, there is dead silence.I look at the general's face, it is just passive, revealing nothing.Finally, I resigned looking at his face and turned to take a better look at the room, this time around I was able to see it in a much better way.I could see that it was a dark room with some of the pictures of our enemies stuck on the walls, I recognised many of them.Just as I was gazing at these pictures, the creaking sound of the door pulled my attention away.In entered four people, 3 men and a woman, they saluted the general and took their places opposite me.
  ' Here are four of my most trusted comrades ; while Will,Mark and Chris are the part of team Alpha, Emma is in charge of the intelligence.' said Zaskov.
'Great, I'm glad to see that you are taking me seriously.' I said.
'Enough, we haven't got much time.Tell us your story immediately.Don't get carried away though details,facts,information,plot condense and tell.'said Zaskov in a no-nonsense manner.
'Okay,Okay but before I tell you, let me know what you information you alread know about me.' I said.
'According to intelligence reports, you are John Smith from Kentelate division, listed as killed in action over two years ago durin the mission on Reveides.' said Emma.
  'Fine, let me tell you my story from the time I landed in Reveides.' I said.

'I and my group of eight landed on Reveides on March 18th ,1937.We were sent there to investigate unnatural alpha radiations which were being emitted from that place.After landing successfully, we(my team of eight) started discussing, how I wish I had known that it would be the last time I would ever see them.......

(To be continued)

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