Friday, October 15, 2010

Story of Robert Peary's 96 year-old Feat


On 2nd April, 1909 , a man called Robert Peary accomplished his ultimate ambition of his life, which was to reach the North Pole.He and his team comprising of Matthew Henson and 4 Inuit are said to have reached the pole in 37 days.They managed to travel 414 miles in just 37 days to reach the North Pole.However, back in the U.S.A many people refused to acknowledge Peary's feat stating that reaching the pole in 37 days is next to impossible and the only way in which Peary could have done it was by faking his daily speeds and positions.This argument got further fuel when Peary left his last reliable witness a good 133 miles before the pole.He actually did this because he wanted his best man(Henson) to be with him since he is a good dog sledger.But his critics refused to accept this reason and said that Peary is a liar.

  A good 96 years later, a person named Tom Avery who has already gone to the south pole on foot decides to recreate Peary's journey to the north pole by using similar equipment used by him to prove to the world that Peary could have reached the pole in the days he managed to reach it(which was 37 days).

On March 19th,2005 , after two years of meticulous planning Tom Avery along with his team of 5 people Matty,George ,Andrew and Hug and himself with 2 sleds and 16 eskimo dogs set out on an epic journey to reach the north pole in the way the original polar pioneers did.

  The book "To the end of the Earth" written by Tom Avery, describes each and every detail about this amazing journey that his team made.Avery in this book describes the events which happened on each day in detail and at times so effectively that the reader is completely mesmerized with it and finds himself in their shoes without even knowing the transition.This book includes details on how actually Tom Avery managed to reach the North pole, with the Prologue and Epilogue as well.

   This book(unlike any other book that I have read in a long time) managed to imprint an impression on me which I am sure will last for a lifetime.Moreover, this book has made me read it till an hour past midnight for 3 consecutive days hardly in touch with the material world.

  This book also throws light over the 96 year old mystery about Robert Peary being the first man to reach the North Pole.As Gilbert Grosvenor, the president of the national geographic society says " Their thirty-seven day dash to the North Pole has wiped out ninety-six years of doubt about Peary's feat".

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