Monday, October 25, 2010

Sporting News - 2

Well, this is sporting news-2.I will go over all the recent sport news in most of the games I follow

    Firstly,  India has won the recent One day Series 1-0 against the Aussies with the 3rd ODI being washed away due to rain. I think that India has won the series due to 3 players ,namely Raina,Kohli and Yuvraj, they guided India to an impressive win over Australia in the second ODI which eventually decided who was to take home the series.All of these 3 guys played real good cricket,especially Kohli who made 108 runs.
  In other news,

     Roger Federer won his 64th ATP Title, equalling Pete Sampras's record.

   Now, its time for bad news, Cherukuri Lenin, the Indian coach for archery died in a ghastly car accident in Ibrahimpatnam ,Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.He, due to not wearing his seat belt, died on the spot due to a head injury.Eyewitnesses say, it was over in a matter of seconds.With him in the car were, some two people of which one had won a medal in the recently concluded CWG Games.They did not suffer many injuries.Let us learn something from this incident, whenever you or someone is driving a car make sure that you have safely strapped your seat belt.

    Now, Formula one....Fernando Alonso took the podium in the Korean Grand Prix.He turned his 11 point deficit into 14 point lead.This race as many say, was a nightmare to Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber since both of them failed to garner a single point for their teas.Jenson Button too did badly by finishing 12th.This race was marred by various factors like rain and others.It was a quite good day for Force India though , Viantianno Liuzzi placed 6th earning precious 8 points for the team, however the team's other driver, Adrian Sutil finished 16th.Force India had come into this race with better upgraades, they wanted to make this race memorable and for once they atleast managed to do it partially.

  In other news, Wayne Rooney was all set to quit Manchester United but last minute negotiations with his manager resulted in him signing a new 5 year old contract with Manchester United till 2015.Everyone was expecting him to be thrown away by Sir Alex Ferguson but he was lucky to escape his wrath.Sir Alex Ferguson previously did not show remorse in selling his star players to other teams and at many a time was successful but this was not the case this time.Rooney has survived that's all the Red Devil's fans would be happy about.They both looked quite happy upon signing the contract so look's like everything's history(atleast for now :P)

 Well, that's it for today since I have a lot of work(sigh....never ending homeworks) So, see you next week same day,same time.

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