Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gaming - Part 2

Let me finish my promise of Gaming Part - 2.
    I got a second Gen Ps1 around 2000 I think, gifted to me by my uncle.I had many cd's most of them Greatest Hits but the problem was that I didn't own a memory card which meant that I could not save my in-game progress.I used to play Road Rash for a long time(Around 4 hours) but not being able to save the progress broke my heart.I lost interest in that game.You know, playing for 4 hours only to be not able to save your progress is not really nice.I used to play these on weekends only, gaming on weekdays was a strict no-no.I and my siblings used to play Tekken 3 and used to have lots of fun killing each other :P.But then, it was a bit boring not to be able to save the progress we'd made.I still own this console and never ever plan to get rid of it coz It implanted the seeds of gamin' in me.

  On January 16th 2006, I received a PS3 as a gift from my uncle.Back then, I was a kid so my uncle didn't let me use it much with the fear of me spoiling it.He said that I could only play it when he was home.He used to live in Bangalore I think, so he used to come home not so frequently.I got to play the ps3 like 10 days a year.And then, wiring the ps3 to the TV was a great headache, the TV was not a flat screen one, it was those olden day's fat TV.I had the move it all the way and then fix the cables which was a bit difficult for me back then.
It was in 2009, that two of my friends came over to my house for the first time, and the fact that I owned a ps3 was unkown to them.I had to keep them entertained over a small flash word game on my PC.I now realise how bored they must have been back then.The next day when I told them I owned a ps3 they were like, What the...Why didn't you open it yesterday? They couldn't believe the fact that I completely forgot about it.
Due to this incident I gained a bit of an interest in my PS3.I had this game called Resistance and Ridge Racer.Both of them were simple Awesome, I couldn't resist the chance of playing them.I was quite big enough so my Uncle let me transfer the ps3 downstairs and keep the wirings myself.Then I started gaming regularly on weekends.Resistance and Ridge Racer took up around 100 hours of my life.I used to game,game  and game.But then, when I got stuck on a particular level I soon lost interest.
 Then I received an adaptor which let me play the campaign using 2 players and then I started the co-op campaign from start and finished levels with some help of my cousing bro.Then too, I used to play on weekends only, I then ordered killzone 2 and then after its arrival I became on of those gaming whores.It's multiplayer was so addictive that I set aside 2 hours each day to play it.However then our exams started and it was kept away for good.Now that exams are over I ordered yet another game called Resistance 2 which is the sequel of the above mentioned game (The fall of man).I also forgot to mention that my uncle also gifted me an 23' Samsung HDTV(The only reason for the ps3 being in my room at the moment).

  In conclusion, I would like to say that I had great fun in thinking and writing this post.Thanks to this post I recollected those memories and smiled :D.

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