Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gaming - Part 1

  Today, let me tell you all about a hobby of mine, gaming. It always was something I used to do in my leisure time(read 'times when I was extremely bored'). It was not until 2009 that I started gaming regularly.

      I own(ed) two gaming consoles -> a PSOne and a PS3.Both of them were gifted to me by my Uncle(Love ya uncle! :D). I also game on my PC. Let me tell you about my experiences with each of these systems.

PC ->
    Well, this was responsible for sowing the seeds of gaming in me. It was also using this that I played my first video game ever(Wait a second. I probably played on those dabba T.V video games before probably). I used to play time-less classics like 'Dave' , 'Mario', 'Wolfenstein' etc.. I still fondly remember how I used to stay put at the pc for hours together just to complete a level in a 'wolfenstein' J.Those days, games like these were the best. 

I still very fondly remember how I used to play Wolfenstein’s single player campaign with my brother. While he used the keyboard to move the character, I used the mouse to aim and shoot. Our formidable team was way too hard for the computer to defeat so we emerged victorious almost always :). 

I also used to play this game called " Cricket 97 ".The graphics in that cricket game were terrible when compared to today’s "Cricket 09" but let me tell you. If I had to choose between those two games, I’d choose cricket ’97. Never mind the graphics, the memories I hold with that game are just priceless and no way that I’m going to let go of them.

    PC gaming for me suffered its first setback when this computer guy comes up to my house to repair one of my computers and ends up wiping the hard drive which contained all the games I ever played. From then on, Adarsh feels like wrenching the neck of every computer-repair guy who comes. Nevertheless, I again got back to gaming with the PC soon. However, I sort of lost interest in it until I downloaded GTA : Liberty City. This was a co-incidence. I thought I was downloading GTA San Andreas(At some 1.5 GB ahem ahem.) After downloading, it turned out to be GTA 3. I then started gaming again, only to stop later due to extreme boredom. It went on like this until one of my friends gave me GTA San Andreas. Like before, I again started gaming only to stop later, again due to extreme boredom. 

Somewhere in between, I even played a game called IGI. Aah those days.

  PC gaming for me suffered its second major setback when my dad scolded me for playing on my laptop, stating that it might get spoiled(I knew perfectly that gaming doesn’t spoil PC’s, my dad didn’t). I then left pc gaming for one or two years, only to be attracted to it again by Age of Empires online multiplayer. I had like *some awesome adjective here* entertainment playing this awesome game online but then, my exams had started so I eventually had to leave it aside. After the exams were over, I realized that I had a ps3 and left pc gaming completely. It was also due to another reason which was that my laptop had grown old and could no longer support the newer games. Boo!

  Gaming on the PC has brought about a lot of change in me. Age of Empires made me realize my love for history(something which still persists). Also, deploying strategies in this game resulted in me realising that brute-force isn't everything. Strategy and intelligence also has a place in everything we do!
For me, the PC sowed the seeds of gaming. The GTA series watered it and then Age of Empires provided enough sunlight for it to grow beyond the realms of the PC and enter into the world of PlayStation.

 That’s it for Part part 2 I will write more about my experiences with my PlayStation console’s and then, a fitting end.

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