Friday, October 15, 2010

Amazing Race : Asia -> Episode 4

 Amazing Race : Asia is a T.V reality show which deals with 10 teams of 2 contestants each who have some relation with each other beforehand.These teams compete with each other to complete a series of tasks which will eventually lead them to a pit stop.Whichever team comes last may/may not be eliminated.
   I am now going to list the teams of Amazing Race:Asia(Season 4)
-> Ethan & Khaire
-> Manas & Sahil
-> Alan & Wendy
-> Jess & Lani
-> Sunaina & Dimple
-> Hussein & Natasha
-> Michelle & Claire
-> Ivan & Hilda
-> Richard & Richard

   In this week's episode, the following happened -
    All the teams are currently in Colombo,Srilanka.Their first task was to take a train to travel to Galle, Srilanka which is more than 150 km South of Colombo.Even though Sunaina & Dimple were the first ones to depart at 5:02 AM , everyone reaches Galle at the same time since they catch the same train.The next  clue they find at the Galle railway station gives them a choice between "fast-forward" or the "normal task".If the teams chose the fast forward task then they just have to do one stop and then they can make their way to the next pit stop and finish that leg of the race.Only Richard & Richard go for the Fast forward while the rest opt for the normal tasks.Richard & Richard make their way to a barber's shop and their task is to get their heads shaved the old way.They easily do it and then while they make their way to the next pit stop, two police-men on a motorbike stop their cab and ask them for their passport and Visa.When they show their documents, the police then bids them farewell.They were the first team to arrive at the pit stop.

  Meanwhile, the task of the other teams was that they had to make their way to a beach and had to unlock a chest by setting the lock's combination to the year Srilanka change its name from 'Ceylon' to 'Srilanka'.Wendy and Alan were the first to do this task and their next task was to go to a place where some festival was going on, they had to go to a vendor, take a picture of a mask and match it with a person who is wearing it in the nearby locality.Unfortunately, without realising,Wendy & Alan take a bus which stops on all stops while the other's take an express bus.This resulted in they coming last in the next task, even after the one's who took the longest amount of time to do a previous task.Sunaina & Dimple completed this task the first and their next task was to go to a local dialog service centre and from similar looking mobiles in a container, they had to search for a mobile which had a message in its inbox saying "Congratulations,Correct".Once they found such a mobile, they received their next clue and had to choose between "Language task" in which they had to learn what some things are called in the Srilankan language with the help of a kid and then recite them correctly to a teacher (or) they could also do this task where they had to go from one coconut tree to another with the help of two ropes.Alan & Wendy messed up here also by switching tasks twice.All the remaining teams except Alan & Wendy and Sahil & Manas reached the pit stop.After Manas & Sahil finished their task, they faced another problem which was 'Shortage of Cash' they did not have enough money to pay the auto.They started pleading the locals for money, when an auto driver said that he was willing to take them to their destination in the money they had.However, their troubles didn't end there.Their auto broke down mid-way and they had to again search for an auto, this time they found an auto which was willing to take them for free.They finally reached the pit stop and were informed that they were the pen-ultimate team to arrive.Alan & Wendy came last for the second successive time and they were eliminated :(

That's it for this week, visit next week, same time to get more news :)

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